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A story base on imagination that one could wish it is true....

音樂是會把一些時間,影像和感覺鎖下來, 而當聽到同一旋律時, 它會像一把只有你才擁有的鎖匙, 一幕幕的記憶重現眼前。😁 我覺得人的成長就根本很像洋蔥, 一層層的包着中心的甜美, 到最後個個都彼經歷弄成了同一樣的外表, 然而翻開了會流淚😭 喂,不要有那麼負面的想法, 可以把這些感覺當作自己的寶貴資產。 隨時可以回味享受成長的過程😊

Music locks special moment, images and feelings yet when the same melody was played again, it is like an exclusive key that to yourself open up that special moment frame by frame teste by taste... growing up is an onion-like layer with layers covers up the center sweetness at the end, it turns out to be all looked the same.....if it is torn open it all bring you tears. Hey don't be so negative, from another angle it could be one's own treasure memories to look back enjoy each step of the making ....... Rovia


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