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Vocal Recording

We all have our own unique voices that inspire our own style of singing but how to capture the best quality vocal recording, perfect for each voice quality matches the style of the song, match the song's frequency spectrum.  for example, an operatic and Rock n Roll voice are totally different and so does the recording setting are also different. 

in the past,  this is exclusive to a sound engineer or a recording studio.

Nowadays, professional vocal recording is much easier and simpler than we think.  lots of good quality equipment is neatly available in the market for a price from a few $ to thousands $!! as well as It is much portable as well but the questions are:

-How can I get a true profession sound without spending thousands?

-What do we need?

-Why do we need it? 

-Where can I get it?

-How do I set it up?

We also love to sing that is why we decided to share the information on the types of equipment we tried with only good experience for singing lovers. ( Because we tried many that we are not satisfied.)  

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