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Let music transform your life – compose music and give yourself a healing touch


You are surrounded by people all day long yet at the end of the day you feel lonely. Ever since you finished college and joined a job, you have been so busy. Your friends are scattered all across the globe and the only way you can be in touch is through social media. However, it also feels so hollow as people only share photos and post superficial comments. As you get entangled in the cosmopolitan life and your deadlines always haunt you, your soul desires to be free.

The vices of modern life are many. It makes us lead a life where we do not have time to listen to chirping of birds, watch how sunshine touches the leaves and dip our feet in water and feel the coolness of it. It tires us, it takes us away from the things we love and yet we cannot escape it. Are you looking for ways to connect to your soul? Do you want to feel again the love that tied you to your friends? Let music be your shelter.

Yes, music can liberate the soul. It is empowering and enlightening. Here are some more benefits of music on our lives.


 How music can transform our life

We live in an age where stress rules our life. We have few real friends with whom we can share our worries. The result? Our emotions remain pent up in hearts and cause sufferings. However, music can come to our rescue. The beauty of music lies in its simplicity. There are only seven notes but endless possibilities. You can create countless tunes using these seven notes. Isn’t it amazing?

It has been found that people who sing feel less stressed out. Yes, music has the power to help us get rid of anxiety and depression that we experience in city life.

Penning songs helps one to express long suppressed emotions. It can be the best language to communicate. It is an easy way to improve your mood and attitude.

Try Rovia music. You would feel great. Rovia music heals stress. It is available at the press of a button.

You know what is the best thing about music? It is free, it is available everywhere. Just sharing music with your closed friends would make you feel so happy. You can give your life a meaning through Rovia. Through your self-composed music share your success stories with the world. Do you think it is tough? Not at all. Set goals and plan baby steps and very soon you would find yourself composing music and experiencing heaven on earth. 


Rovia Project




Tony/TonyNgNg (NZ)

Part-time singer , love singing blood type R (Rock&Roll)

 骨子里流着摇滚的血 :)

Roger/Rovia (Aus,HK)

Founder of

Part-time singer who love singing and composing, believing music will bring happiness to life.

Ingrid (HK)

Professional singer/MC/Licensed Yoga Instructor and wedding planner, passionate in singing and seeing people smiles.

wai wai 2.jfif

Audrey (SG)

Served in worship ministry for 25yrs. Natural vocal harmonist (a gift from the Lord❤️  ) hope to use songs to touch and change lives.


Cat (HK)

Part time singer ,Talented music and voice artist and dramatic art performer! 


Gemini (HK)

Unique beautiful heart touching voice,  一個從歌聲中聽故事的人

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